In the present time, the commerce field is the most lucrative and vast area of study. It includes major subjects such as accounting, marketing analysis, economics, statistics, business studies, etc. Having studied commerce in senior secondary school opens numerous career opportunities and courses to study for students. But, many of them get confused about what to do after 12th commerce due to the plenty of options to choose from. The selection of the right career option provides a good scope for the future and at the same time develops the skills that actually the student is interested in pursuing. Thus, this career decision should be made wisely after the proper understanding of the field. Therefore, this article will shed light on the trending and best career options that the students can pursue after the 12th commerce.    

How to Select the Right Course After 12th Commerce?  

The myriad range of subjects within the commerce field enables the students to determine their strong areas of understanding, interests, and capabilities. The perfect way to choose what to do after 12th commerce, is first you must understand your interests and capabilities. Then, accordingly understand the career options, the scope of the course that you are looking to pursue, its syllabus, and the cost of studying. By following this smart technique, surely you will lead to the right course that suits your interests as well as bringing a bright future in life.   

What to Do After 12th Commerce?  

Here is the list of trending career options that you can look for after 12th commerce:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

It is the most popular program for the students who are in the Commerce stream. This is a general degree course of the duration of 3 years that covers courses such as accounting, statistics, management, human resources, computer science, economics, marketing, etc. Based on your academic records in the 10th and 12th classes, one can easily get admission to one of the good universities or institutes that are offering these courses.    

  • Bachelor of Economics

Another trending and fruitful option available to the students after the 12th commerce is the Bachelor of Economics. The name suggests any students who have a deep interest in exploring the subject of economics may take this course. It continues for the period of 3 years and gets to study subjects such as Agricultural Economics, Macro Economics, Indian Economics, International Trade, etc.   

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most prominent and best career options in the commerce field today. It is quite different from the traditional forms of marketing, where brands and businesses are promoted through digital media services. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing fields where you can see thousands of opportunities are created every second and students' interests are rising in this field. Well, statistics show more than 20 lakh opportunities are created in Digital Marketing and hence proves its worth.   

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

If you have a business mind and want to take these skills further to higher levels, then BBA is one of the best courses for you to do after 12th commerce. It extends up to 3 years and includes the major subjects of business and administration. Also, they are exposed to their practical aspects and methodologies.   

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The LLB course is governed by the Bar Council of India (BCI) and it is a great option for students who are looking for a broader scope in law for the future. It encompasses a 3-year course and involves the study of subjects including Constitutional Laws, property Laws, and Banking Laws. After the completion of this course, students can avail of the degree as a lawyer or advocate.  

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

Yes, commerce students can pursue creative, exciting, and challenging courses like Journalism and Mass Communication. In recent years, this field has evolved in a very creative way that various students are opting for this course. The course duration of 3 years and students can easily pursue it at any college or university that is offering this course. After completion, the students not only get high-paying jobs in various media houses, and digital and print media but also bring in job satisfaction and expression of creativity in their lives.   

  • Hotel Management Courses

The students can also go for various available hotel management courses after doing 12th commerce. The course span varies from the period of 3 to 5 years. It is good for all the students who have an interest in developing their careers in the hospitality sector. Also, this course offers various job opportunities in luxurious hotels in India as well as abroad.  

  • Bachelor of Statistics

If you have a deep interest in Mathematics and Statistics then be happy as the Bachelor of Statistics course is right there for you. This course lasts 3 years and the students gain knowledge over subjects such as statistical methods, probability, permutations, combinations, etc.   

  • Charted Accountancy (CA)

Lastly, the most important and trending course in the commerce field is the chartered accountant. It is a professional course that is governed by the Institute of Charted Accountants of India. The level of difficulty and challenges is higher, unlike other bachelor's degree courses after 12th commerce. This course is divided into various levels and includes subjects such as Taxation, Law, Auditing, Costing, and many more.   

Summing Up!

After completion of the big milestone in 12th commerce, it becomes important to consider the best future career alternatives. Well, the commerce stream is a very diversified sector that provides a wide range of academic alternatives and employment prospects after high school. And that’s the reason many students get confused and it becomes the major question in most minds “What to do after 12th commerce”. Usually, students are only aware of the few common courses after 12th commerce but there are various routes and sectors in which the students can find their passion in life and build a better future profession.